Here at Karma Beauty we are experts in a range of massage techniques. Hot stone massage is a particular favourite of ours, and our clients keep on returning. But how can a hot stone message help? What will be the outcomes? These are questions we are frequently asked about hot stone massage. As a result, we have produced this guide to the benefits of hot stone massage.

Soothing muscle pain and relieving tension

Heat is a fantastic way to reduce muscle pain and tension. This is because it can increase the flow of blood to the tense or painful area. This increased flow of blood can help to oxygenise the area and reduce muscle spasms.

Heat has often been used to sooth muscle pain but cold therapy can also reduce swellings and inflammation. As a result, your massage therapy may also include cold stones in certain areas. In fact, alternating between hot and cold stones can be extremely effective.

Relieving stress and anxiety.

Although still considered a complimentary therapy, and with more research necessary, many reports suggest that hot stone massage can reduce anxiety and stress. This is great for the cardiovascular system as well as regular anxiety symptoms which can include stomach ache and cramps and shoulder tension.

Helping promote sleep

The relaxing nature of hot stone massage makes it perfect for promoting sleep. In fact, after a massage induced sleep, you will awake feeling more active, more alert and more positive. This has been proven in research regarding back massage and baby massage.

In summary

The benefits of hot stone massage include soothing muscle pain and relieving tension, relieving stress and anxiety, and helping promote sleep. Why not contact us at Karma Beauty today, to find out more? Book in for your hot stone massage today.

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