Here at Karma Beauty in Preston, we are professionally trained in a variety of massage techniques. From Swedish massage to aromatherapy massage, and everything in between. But what about hot stone massage? What is it and what can you expect? Well, hot stone massage is one of our favourite treatment options. As a result, we have produced this guide to your hot stone massage.

First of all, what is a hot stone massage?

As a type of massage therapy, hot stone massage is used to help you unwind and relax. It can ease the tension in your muscles, and help damaged soft tissue to repair. The therapist will use heated, smooth, flat stones to heat up your muscles, aiding the massage process.

What will happen during your hot stone massage?

Once your hot stone massage begins, the heated stones may be placed:

⦁ along your back, warming and soothing those tired spinal muscles and tendons
⦁ on your stomach, soothing your core muscles
⦁ on your chest
⦁ on your hands
⦁ on your feet and toes

While these stones are providing warmth, your massage therapist may also use heated stones to massage your body using general Swedish massage techniques. These may include:

⦁ long strokes
⦁ circular and rhythmical motions
⦁ kneading

Furthermore, the hot stones may be placed in the hands of the massage therapist, who will use them while massaging. This can provide a deep relief.

The stones themselves

The stones used for a hot stone massage are smooth and flat for your comfort. They tend to be created from a type of basalt, which is a volcanic rock and can hold onto its heat for a long period of time. Obviously, this is a great advantage when the rocks will be heated to around 140 degrees! This may seem excessive, but the rocks need to be heated to help sooth those aching muscles and allow the body to relax.

If you are ready for your hot stone massage, contact the experts today at Karma Beauty in Preston.

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