A complementary therapy that has huge benefits for the whole body, reflexology is one of our more popular massages. Here at Karma Beauty in Preston, we have experts in all kinds of massages and beauty treatments, as well as reflexology. But what exactly are the advantages of reflexology?

What is reflexology?

First of all, lets look at what reflexology actually is.

Reflexology is the process of applying pressure to reflex points on the feet. This allows targeted stimulation to focus on the central nervous system and fully release tension at different points throughout the body. This can help the body release stress and relax.

So what are the advantages of reflexology?

There are a range of advantages related to reflexology. These include:

  • Better blood circulation- by targeting pressure points in the feet, reflexology can stimulate oxygen transmission around the body. This is because tension has a restrictive effect on blood flow, and releasing this tension can re-oxygenate your body.
  • Improved respiratory functions- Because the reflexology can release stress, it can help open up the airways. Reflexology that targets the diaphragm can relax the muscle and stimulate the lungs.
  • Increased immune response-By stimulating blood flow, reflexology also allows nutrients to spread throughout your body more effectively. This can feed tired muscles, or areas of the body that are suffering infection, improving the immune response by increasing blood flow.
  • Ease digestive problems- acupressure is the main source of discomfort and pain from indigestion, heartburn and IBS. Reflexology can target this pressure and help to open up the digestive channel, relieving symptoms.
  • Reducing muscle tension- by stimulating areas of pressure, and improving blood flow, reflexology can reduce muscle tension. This is especially effective for people suffering with injuries.

If you want to book your own reflexology appointment, or for more information about reflexology, get in touch with the professionals today here at Karma Beauty in Preston.

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